Chronic Disease Management: Chronic diseases are those that can only be controlled, rather than cured (presently)- e.g. diabetes, heart disease, asthma, smoking-related lung disease (COPD) etc. Nearly 80% of GP consultations comprise of people with chronic disease, who are also more likely to require expensive hospital-based interventions. We have a long track record of providing excellent chronic disease management, through the implementation of well-organised clinics, run by our experienced nurses who monitor your progress and expert GPs who organise your medical interventions. This means we not only improve your quality of life, allowing you to stay active and feel well despite your long-term health issues and attendant medication, but also contribute to judicious use of limited NHS resources.

Health Screening: Prevention has always been better than cure. Hence we put a lot of emphasis on identifying apparently healthy folk who maybe at risk of significant health conditions. We actively support the national and local health screening programmes and have notched up huge successes in encouraging our patients to avail of the same- e.g. screening for cervical & breast cancer, chlamydia infection, heart disease, etc.

Immunisation: This remains one of the key elements of protecting you from serious infectious disease. We therefore do our utmost to persuade people to shield themselves and their families, and the community as a whole, through the uptake of relevant childhood and other immunisations, including the annual flu vaccination.

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Managing Skin Problems in Primary Care: Dr John Burns has been successful in acquiring the Cardiff University Diploma in Practical Dermatology. He has now been appointed as a speciality doctor in the skin diseases department at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital, where he works one afternoon per week. Dr Lalit Gurnani is a Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow and is able to safely conduct appropriate minor surgical skin operations in general practice. Such additional expertise enables us to provide a greater range of primary care services to our registered patients at Nantwich Health Centre.

Keele Presentation (5th August 2011): Dr Mark Porcheret, of the Keele University Primary Care & Health Sciences Unit, presented a plaque to Dr Gurnani and Mrs Tipping (Practice Manager), commending our contribution to primary care research.

Community/Charitable activities: ​The Nantwich Health Centre Patients’ Panel presented a cheque for £2000 to Age UK (Cheshire) in January 2012, following another successful Christmas Appeal.